New Zealand's Best White Wines

Jul 13, 2012

LAWSON'S DRY HILLS GEWÜRZTRAMINER HAS BEEN SELECTED AS ONE OF NEW ZEALAND'S BEST WHITE WINES - "We just lucked into growing Gewürztraminer" chuckles owner Babara Lawson. "The winery we were contract-growing for said to plant it, so we did". That was back in 1980. Today although the winery produces several other varieties for which Marlborough is better known, it's still the Gewürztraminer that sets Lawson's Dry Hills apart. It's always varietally evocative, featuring text-book rose petal, lychee and spice. And while it's never oily, overdone or blowsy, it's never lean, bitter or sharp either. It has just enough sugar to provide balance without seeming overly sweet. Some other New Zealand Gewürztraminers can sometimes eclipe Lawson's Dry Hills, but for consistent quality and style, no one hits the mark more often......Wine Enthusiast Magazine - August 2012 - Recently Reviewed - 2009 vintage = 90 points.