The Team

Derek Lilley - Marketing Manager

Derek Lilley has joined  us as our new Marketing Manager. Derek and his wife Jane have just recently moved back to New Zealand after eleven years living and working in Australia. Originally from Christchurch Derek's wine industry sales and marketing experience covers both multinationals and family owned wine businesses on both sides of the Tasman. With a passion for wine and New Zealand,... > Read more

Ross Lawson - The Pioneer

Ross Lawson wore many hats during his lifetime: musterer, sheep-shearer, swimming pool/building contractor, opossum hunter, union organizer and of course viticulturist. He was a leading influence in the New Zealand Screwcap Wineseal Initiative in 2001, which saw screwcaps used on 90% of New Zealand bottled wine by 2008. These diverse skills allied with a never-ceasing quest for perfection... > Read more

Barbara Lawson - Owner

Barbara trained as a nurse more years ago than she cares to remember and worked part-time in the local hospitals operating theatre whilst being involved in the daily running and marketing of Lawson’s Dry Hills. She continues to be thoroughly involved with the business today and spends many weeks away visiting the UK/Ireland and US markets

Sion Barnsley - General Manager

Sion's family has been involved with Lawson's Dry Hills since its inception, with his parents being one of the original Shareholders. After a ten year stint in banking, Sion was well ready to return to his home town of Blenheim, and started with Lawson's Dry Hills in the new millennium as Business Manager. Today, Sion and partner Biddy, who manages their own vineyard that supplies grapes to... > Read more

Marcus Wright - Chief Winemaker

Marcus acquired a love of good wine whilst working as a research scientist in 1997, Marcus worked with Montana in Gisborne as a vintage Cellar hand before heading to South America to work the 2000 vintage in Chile for Vina San Pedro, then onto the Loire for vintage with Jacques Lurton. He started with Lawson's Dry Hills in 2001 and continues to ensure that only premium, elegant, fruit focused... > Read more

Mark Ludemann - Viticulturist

Mark began his career in Viticulture with Sandihurst Wines in 1987, before moving onto Montana for three years in 1999. He subsequently managed Seresin’s Organic Raupo creek Estate for a further four years before joining Lawson's Dry Hills in 2006. Sustainable vineyard practices are the focus, along with work on crop levels to produce premium quality fruit.

Rebecca Wiffen - Assistant Winemaker

Rebecca began her winemaking career with Coopers Creek in 1997 (three years), followed by two years working as a cellar hand for a number of Marlborough wineries before heading overseas for some vintage experience. She worked first in the Napa valley (2002) then Alsace (2003). Her first Winemakers role was with Domaine de La Vahnale and Crooix Maro in Langedoc, France in 2005. She joined... > Read more